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Version 5 — "Take You There"

Brothers Andy and Spencer Olsen have put a ton of polish into their new video for "Take You There." The Version 5 members have turned a stadium rocker into a Hollywood-ready visual. From afront a layer of smoke, the two brothers rock out prodigiously. You could've almost pictured the video being intercut with tackles and Hail Marys as part of yesterday's Super Bowl send-up footage, that's how rousing the three-and-a-half-minute alt rock anthem is. Think Linkin Park without the rapping or Puddle of Mudd with some goddamn competence.

Version 5—“Why Don’t You Drop”

On this new single, big-hook industrial rockers Version 5 focus their powers on creating aggressive, dizzying rhythms, complemented with melodies that soar over the top. The twentysomething duo of Minneapolis brothers Andy and Spencer Olson have come up with the kind of gym playlist anthem that spikes your adrenaline with every cycle of verse-bridge-chorus, and Ryan Thielen’s gritty video ups the intensity even further to a teeth-gritting peak.



Version 5 Self Titled EP radio campaign

  • Airplay on 75+ stations nationwide.
  • CMJ charting & heavy rotation on many stations.
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